Directions to the Pool

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Our Method

Our method is simple…work with the children at their level with love and empathy!

Nothing is forced; the experience is a pleasure, as water should be. Play is encouraged and social interaction is very important. After all, we are here to give a gift that will last a lifetime…the gift of loving and enjoying the water.

Being gentle at the start, builds confidence and trust, and this is essential. The child’s natural feel for the water is developed first. The child then relaxes, lets go of fear and soon develops confidence and technique.

Our method is simple…        work with the children at their level

Breathing is the key. As land Mammals, we are born as unconscious breathers and therefore we don’t

need to ‘think’ about taking a breath.

But, in the water, we do need to become ‘conscious’ breathers like whale and dolphins.

This is the test. If we could breathe in the water, we would have no fear! Once the skill of breathing is understood, the rest is simple.